In the face of continued weakness in overall domestic demand, and the complex environment of the international market, The production, and sales volume of Hebei Huayang Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. exceeded 1 million tons, up to 1,017,400 tons from January to August. Huayang’s August sales hit a record high, with monthly sales reaching a new high of 164,700 tons.

Hebei Huayang Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.’s fourth phase of automatic oil and gas transportation Longitudinal Submerged Arc Welding Pipe production line is in full swing. It is expected that the main equipment will be installed by the end of October, the whole line will be debugged by the end of November, and it will be officially put into production in December 2022. This LSAW pipe production line adopts the most advanced production equipment at home and abroad. The designed production capacity of this single production line is 120,000 tons. By 2023, Huayang will achieve a full production capacity of 1.6 million tons. After this LSAW pipe production line is put into operation, Hebei Huayang Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. will have three high-end LSAW pipe production lines, and its proportion in the oil and gas pipeline industry will be further expanded!

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