In China, we will in the National Day holiday from October 1st to October 7th.Our Huayang factory will reasonably arrange the production, packaging and delivery of the customer's cargo and other related works. In addition, due to the epidemic control in Tianjin Port, some areas are under silent management, some port areas have stopped operations, employees are working at home, and shipments have slowed down, but with the epidemic under control, this impact will be alleviated in the short term.

Generally speaking, the third quarter is the traditional peak season for global maritime container transportation. However, in the third quarter of this year, the shipping market suffered from cold snaps, and the freight rates of major shipping routes fell sharply. What is the reason?

The peak season of the shipping market is not prosperous, and the freight rate of some routes has fallen by more than 80% from the highest point last year.

The FBX container shipping price averaged $4,029, down 63.8% from its all-time high in September last year. Among them, the freight rate of China/Far East-North America West Coast route decreased by 85.7% compared with the highest freight rate last year, the freight rate of China/Far East-North America East Coast route decreased by 68.8%, and the freight rate of China/Far East-North America route decreased from the highest point in January this year 53.2%

Industry insiders said that due to the breakage of supply chains caused by the epidemic, many countries experienced a "stocking tide" last year, which also led to a sharp rise in shipping costs last year, which is an unsustainable state. This year, due to the increasing inflationary pressure in the global economy, demand has begun to decline, and a large number of new ships have been launched, which has exacerbated the gap between supply and demand.

Affected by the drop in freight rates, many shipping companies have begun to suspend sailings in order to change the situation of excess supply. Data released by maritime consultancy Drewry showed that in the five-week period from September 19 to October 23, out of a total of 750 scheduled sailings on major routes such as trans-Pacific, trans-Atlantic, Asia-North Europe and Asia-Mediterranean, 122 sailings were cancelled, with a cancellation rate of 16%. Among them, the world's three major shipping alliances have successively cancelled a total of 101 voyages.

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