Cailian association reported on 20th Feb, the iron ore market is set for a "severe" shortage, with prices expected to rise to $150 per ton, traders need to brace for 20 percent price spike in the second quarter of 2023,This association noted,The seasonal increase in Chinese steel production between March and April is expected to coincide with short-term supply constraints, leaving the market with a deficit of 35 million tons in the second quarter. The rise of raw materials will push steel market prices continue to rise.

On 21th Feb 2023, the price of Tangshan strip steel was increased by 50-90 yuan per ton; Tangshan steel plate price up 30 yuan per ton, market condition improved, the deal is ok. Domestic macro market attitude has a certain positive, coupled with the gradual improvement of the fundamentals, the continued recovery of terminal demand, and supply is still maintained at a low level, the price may continue to be strong shocks.

Turkey has experienced two strong earthquakes of nearly magnitude 8 and several more of magnitude 6. The quake has killed more than 40,000 people in Turkey and Syria. The earthquake has also dealt a blow to Turkey's shipping industry, forcing major ports to suspend operations. In addition, it also caused a number of Turkish oil terminals, LNG ports shut down. This will lead to higher sea freight rates on Mediterranean routes.

With the gradual development and expansion of Hebei Huayang Steel Pipe Co., Ltd., Huayang always adheres to the concept of serving customers and wins the praise of domestic and foreign customers. At present, the order schedule has been scheduled to May. In order to meet the delivery plan of customers and realize the fast delivery with Huayang characteristics, Huayang Steel Pipe Co., Ltd plans to build a new finishing workshop No.5, and 88.9-114.3 two ERW production lines . One LSAW production line and one anticorrosive production line, the production and sales volume will reach 2 million tons by then.

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